Apothic White 2011

Widely distributed and found at most liquor retailers 
Apothic Wine Website
Total Wine & More, $8.99

Aaron:  This blend featured mango and pineapple with a distinct absence of wood flavors.  It was very sweet (very very sweet) and would pair well with spicy Thai food.  the tropical fruit of guava and citrus blended with straight up sugar flavors.  Not my favorite but easy for nondrinkers to enjoy.  87 points

Teri:  This blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, and Moscato is delicious and very easy to drink! A light lemon smell is followed by a very buttery taste complemented with flavors of pineapple and rich vanilla. The long finish and rich full flavor was quite likable. Everything I love in my white wines and at such a great price! 93 points


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