Poppy Pinot Noir 2012

Poppy Wines Website
Priced around $10-15 dollars 

Special thanks to our friends Greg and Morgan for this wonderful bottle!

Aaron: This is one of my new favorite Pinot Noirs.  A lovely bouquet of mild fruits and ocean breeze was exciting and different, followed by a soft mouth feel even though the body solid.  I enjoyed the chocolate kick on the aftertaste which followed smooth tannins coating the velvety texture.  The overwhelming flavor was blueberry though there were more nut than fruit notes. Everything was light and well blended making this pleasant and enjoyable. 92 points

Teri: Nothing special about the smell of this wine, but the flavor is beautiful! You are hit hard with an abundance of fresh cherry and raspberry, long and lingering through the finish. I have some mixed feelings about the aftertaste (mineral and leafy with oak) but this got better after some decanting. A beautiful light ruby color in the glass, this wine would be great for those who are new to red wines. I give it 90 points for new drinkers and 88 points for those who really love Pinots.