Round Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, $8
BevMo, $7.99
Total Wine & More, $8.49

Aaron:  This bottle was included with a groupon we purchased so I didn’t have high expectations.  I felt the smell was best described as dark with some toasted oak, tobacco and mild fruits in the background.  The flavor was slightly bitter and needed to open up a bit.  The flavor to me is sour jam and even after sitting for a while everything felt tight.  I give them bonus points for their sustainability efforts.  84 points

Teri:  With an oaky fruit smell and flavors of raspberry, dark cherry, and currant this wine was easy and quite pleasant to drink. I really enjoyed the slow medium finish and smooth tannins. This wine is easy on the palate and would be great for new wine drinkers. 90 points


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