Terrenal Curico Valley Chardonnay 2012

Available at Trader Joes, $4.99

Aaron:  I felt this was a little too light but agree with Teri: you should try it if you like chards.  The rich, crisp, butter smell mixed with green apple to create an interesting nose.  The light and creamy taste was less than impressive, however what this bottle lacked in boldness it made up for in pleasantness.  There was a bit of metallic butter on the finish.  87 points

Teri: If you like Chardonnays and love to try multiple different ones, this bottle is a must try. I normally don’t associate Chardonnays with Chile, but this one surprised me. A strong nose of lemon/orange was quite deceiving when the taste was a bit bland. I could make out an even blend of oak, lemon, and orange that was consistent from start to finish but almost seemed a bit watered down in flavor. Unique, but I can only give it 86 points.


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