Bandit Red Wine Blend

Bandit Website
Cost Plus World Market, around $5.99 for 500ml

Aaron:  Try it simply for the novelty – or if you want to brag about drinking “box wine”.  The smell was small, mostly strawberries and pretty sweet.  This was tasty and full of berries but not complex at all.  Juicy with some brief chocolate, I give this an 89 for “flavor” but an 81 for complexity.  Overall: it’s juice.

Teri: I have to give major credit to a company that is making wine for multiple purposes. The container is not only eco friendly, it is also light weight and easy for travel. Now, this is not something you can keep on your shelf for years, but it serves as a great picnic, hiking, or beach wine. For coming out of a paper box, I think it surpassed my expectations. All of their wines are fermented in stainless steel leaving strong fruit flavors on the nose and taste buds. I tasted a multitude of strawberries and cherries with very smooth tannins. Aaron may call this juice…I call it ingenious. 87 points


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