Kaltern Moscato Giallo Goldmuskateller (Moscato) 2011

Purchased from the Kaltern tasting room in Sudtirol Italy, 7.5 Euro

Aaron:  Teri likes this much more than me, but that’s to be expected.  The nose features light, fresh peaches while pear and a noticeable alcohol make up the flavor.  I noticed some titanium (yes I can definitely taste the difference between certain types of metals) and butterscotch.  88 points

Teri: Don’t let the unexpected oaky nose turn thoughts away from this bottle. Viscous in consistency with a sweet taste of honey and faint apricot play on my taste buds which make me love this wine! A full taste overall with a lingering honey flavor stands up to food, but also is delirious just by itself. The Kaltern winery recommends pairing this with beignets, strudel and cake. I just need to figure out where we can find this wine in the states. 92 points