Castello Rametz Sudtiroler Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Purchased from the Rametz winery in Italy

Aaron:  Point number one: this is not for newbies! Point number two, 15-20 minutes of air is absolutely critical.  Point number three: this bottle is awesome.  Toasted oak and jammy black fruits frolic in olive branches.  This was tight at first which made it slightly bitter, but after opening up there was noticeable raspberry and green tart fruits with a stone aftertaste.  I felt like I was in a castle.  Tobacco on the finish reminds you this is not your generic Napa cab.  94 points

Teri: This wine has a leafy earthy nose with flavors of dark current and tobacco on the first sip. The taste is soon followed by heavier earthy flavors with a hint of dark cherry. Strong full dry tannins with a medium lingering finish. Full bodied for a Cabernet with strong flavors that would pair well with hearty meals and meats. Extremely complex. 89 points


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