Wiens Amour de L’Orange NV

Wiens Family Cellars Signature Amour de L’ Orange

Wiens Amour de L'Orange

Wiens Amour de L’Orange

Wine of the Month Club, $17.99

Aaron:  To be fair, I love orange so I’m a bit biased.  Light white grape smells are wrapped in mild leaves.  The flavor is crisp, not too sweet and creates a pleasantly subtle nectar (not sugar).  There was a little bite which was appreciated because it makes it more like champagne than soda.  Interesting, good, and pleasant.  90 points

Teri: I find this sparkling wine a joy with a light aromatic smell of lemon with a fizzy mouth feel and a long orange aftertaste. The citrus/lemon/orange flavor up front is followed by a long crisp and clean beautiful orange flavor. Made from 100% Chardonnay, this is easy and fun to drink. 90 points


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