Domaine de Colette Regnie 2011

Domaine de Colette Regnie 2011Arrived with Plonk Wine Club shipment

Aaron:  The pleasant, floral nose featured vanilla-dotted rose petals, but overall this wine was way too sweet for me.  Juicy ripe berries blended with corn syrup making this too much for me to handle but probably easy for newbies to handle.  Overall I feel this needs for complexity; it’s better after about 30 minutes but still too sweet.  85 points

Teri: Medium bodied and somewhat of a muddied taste on the first few sips, this bottle does better with decanting. Made from Gamay, (a varietal I don’t know much about…or have experience much before) I didn’t know what to expect. I love the long finish of dark berries, raspberries, and oak. As characteristic of most French wines, this brings together a balanced blend of earthiness and good fruit. 88 points


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