Kettmeir Moscato Giallo Goldmuskateller 2012

Kettmeir Moscato Giallo GoldmuskatellerPurchased from the Kettmeir Winery in Italy, 7.5 Euro

Aaron: Sweet peach pie glazed with honey coats the nostrils and the taste of ripe nectarines floods the palate.  This smooth and gently-finishing wine has an agave flavor in the mouth with a nice viscosity.  This is great for sweet lovers and nice for those who don’t want to drink sugar (like me).  91 points.

Teri: Beautiful tiny little bubbles and a light apricot smell. The bottle is sweet but mild and not viscus. Crisp and clean flavor with a medium finish of apricot and honey. This would go great with dessert or as a pool/deck wine. Not much too it, but a simple moscato enjoyable anytime for many wine drinkers. 92 points


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