Rametz Gaiolo Merlot-Lagrein 2011

Gailo Merlot-Lagrein 2011Purchased from the Rametz Winery in Italy

Aaron:  The smell … oh my gosh the smell!  Chocolate and fruits with just a hint of oak make for an incredibly round, luscious nose.  Pepper was noticeable but subdued on the flavor and the tannins were a bit heavy because this bottle needs to breath.  Full bodied with some nutty undertones and earthiness, this wine wasn’t fruit-forward and the smell is better than the taste but this is still wonderful.  90 points

Teri: This was one of the first bottles we purchased during our trip to Italy. Not very familiar with the lagrein grape, this blend carries some strong full bodied characteristics of a zin but the merlot mellows out the bottle to a full but smooth taste. I loved the full and beautiful dark berry/oak smell that rounded out into a balanced berry/oak flavor. 90 points


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