Wiens Family Cellars Dulce Maria NV

Dulce Maria NVDulce Maria in Glass

Purchased from Wiens Family Cellars, $ 22/bottle

Aaron: I noticed white pear and apricot on the nose, followed by a honey, nectar flavor.  There was some mild citrus in the background among tropical fruit and overall this was very sweet.  I felt it was pleasant and drinkable, great for spicy foods, and a winner for those with a sweet tooth.  88 points

Teri: Not much of a smell (only a slight hint of lemon) but amazing flavor! Sweet and semi viscus but not overpowering. I taste flavors of tropical fruits, pineapple, kumquats, and peach. This bottle is one of my favorites. It would be perfect on a hot day or with spicy foods. Great by itself or paired with some cheese. Mmmm….. 92 points


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