Wiens Family Cellars Solace 2013

Weins Family Cellars Solace 2013

Weins Family Cellars Solace 2013

Available from Weins Family Cellars, $26

Aaron:  This had a bitter, woodsy nose to me but the flavor was buttery.  Slightly sparkly with sweet, white raspberries and golden pear, the taste was complemented by white mushroom rounds which were hard to pick out.  This was pleasant but the taste varies by bottle.  89 points

Teri: With a light lemon-apricot bouquet this white blend takes on many characteristics of the 50% Viognier it contains. Blending nicely with the other 50% of Roussanne you taste many tropical fruits of pineapple and mango with a slight hint of oak. The long lingering finish is cool and refreshing with just a slight hint of caramel. Weins also does a collection of ‘artist series’ bottles making for a beautiful presentation around a great bottle of wine. 88 points



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