Kingston Family Vineyards Lucero Syrah 2010

Kingston Family Vineyards, $18Kingston Family Vineyards Lucero Syrah 2010 -Plonk Wine Club pick

Aaron: A fruity, cedar nose seemed dryer than expected.  Mild tannins don’t overwhelm the palate but made this very heavy.  The flavors were mostly bitter and a bit too mineral for me, but I really enjoy the “Biggness” of the great body.  The finish is smooth but leaves the mouth on fire with lingering spice.  88 points

Teri: Common with Chilean wines, this Syrah is bold and filled with earthy mineral and spice characteristics. A bold, spicy nose and smoky flavors make this wine quite unique and sits heavily on the taste buds. It’s not the favorite of my California-trained palate, but I value its uniqueness and characteristics. 86 points overall (83 for my personal preference)


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