Wiens Family Cellars Pink Crowded 2012

Purchased from Wiens Family Cellars, $Wiens Pink Crowded 201222

Aaron:  The smell was rosy with berries, light, and airy.  The highly viscous flavor features creamy strawberries and lots of fruit.  Not much earth or oak, just a hint of cocoa on the finish (very very faint).  This is an easy drinking, middle of the road red and great for newbies.  89 points

Teri: This bottle is a winner all around for large gatherings, especially during the summer. With a nice dark ruby blush color and a light smell of strawberry this is refreshing and flavorful. On the lighter side of medium bodied, this wine keeps it light but still has a finish that will linger. It’s an entire picnic of watermelon, cherry, and strawberry that is still light enough for my blush-loving grandparents but complex enough for those who love darker reds. 91 points


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