Da Da Da Merlot 2011 (one further year of cellaring)

Purchased from Naked Wines, $9.99Da Da Da Merlot 2011

Aaron:  Not really a winner for me, the nose was loaded with leaves and beets, making for a very earthy smell.  The flavor was mild with vanilla coated celery, followed by stone-crushed red berries.  A hint of sweetness balanced things out but the finishing flavor needs some work.  85 points

Teri: An additional year in the bottle added some deeper characteristics and took away some of its youth. Still carrying a spicy nose, the flavors of rich cherries and rhubarb are full and smooth. Just a hint of mineral and spice on the finish make this a great everyday drinking merlot. 90 points

Check out our post drinking this bottle one year earlier: Da Da Da Merlot 2011


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