Oeno Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Received from Plonk Wine Club: about $20 Oeno Cab Sauv 2012

Aaron:  Subtle cinnamon and dark fruits hid behind tall oaks on the nose.  This cab has a great mouth-feel with is full but not thick.  It’s tart enough to not seem like juice but is not unpleasant.  A bit more aging would do it justice to take away some of the sharpness and round out the flavors.  Definitely a smoking tobacco pipe flavor with some woods dominating any fruit notes.  While not my favorite I felt this wasn’t bad but more important, feel many trained wine nerds would like it.  87 points

Teri: Oeno makes a full flavored cab with medium tannins that are noticeable but sit nicely on the palate. The full, dark raspberry smell mirrors the fruit forward flavor on the wine that transitions into a finish of strawberries and oak. This bottle would pair well with ribs and skirt steak and stand up to a variety of flavorful dishes. Made in small quantities, this bottle is sure to go fast. 90 points


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