Bone Dance Merlot 2008

Purchased from World Market, $19 retail BoneDance Merlot 2008

JAQK Cellars Website, $29

Aaron:  There was noticeable pepper and dark berries on the nose which mirrored the full body and good flavor.  Mild tannins highlighted the oak but muddied the flavor.  87 points

Teri: I love the branding and theme JAQK Cellars has done with their line up of wines. Each bottle is unique and creative playing not only to those who appreciate the wine underneath but also those who appreciate the art and beauty of the packaging. This bottle caught my eye with it’s dice and Vegas style etching and I was just as pleased with the wine inside. With spice on the nose and flavors of warm cherry pie and spicy oak this bottle pleases many tastes. It does carry noticeable tannins but they lay smooth with a medium linger on the end. Pick this up to enjoy the wine or bring as a gift for parties, either option is bound to please. 90 points


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