Picnic at Pomar Junction Chardonnay 2013

Wine of the Month Club, $Picnic at Pomar Junction Chardonnay15.98

Pomar Website, $15

Aaron:  This had a very woodsy smell with some sharp grapefruit.  The medium full body with a buttery crisp flavor won some points and the lemon-honey taste was enjoyable until the bitter, oaky aftertaste.  In summary, good flavor but horrible finish 84 points

Teri: The smell is quite different than the taste, so don’t let it fool you. The grassy acidic smell wasn’t too pleasing, but the flavors of peach, lemongrass, and a hit of buttery gave a long finish and full body for a white wine. Heavy acidity, probably from the higher alcohol content (15.2%) with a bite at the end. 88 points



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