Arrogant Frog Syrah-Viognier 2010

BevMo, $14.99Arrogant Frog Syrah-Viognier

Arrogant Frog Website

Aaron: I was excited to try this and found the mild rhubarb and oaky nose interesting but expected for the region.  Some faint strawberry and lots of tobacco create a good body but leaves a bitter mushroom flavor lingering for quite a while.  Overall, not bad and lots more berries than I expected but not my favorite.  88 points

Teri: I wasn’t too impressed with this bottle. As a Syrah prominent blend, I was expecting a strong hearty red, but this one’s flavors seemed muddled. Full tannins with a smooth finish, this wine was very earthy with flavors of celery, okay beet, and faint dark blackberry. Very heavy oak on the finish. Ok…but not worth it for me. 87 points 


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