Westover Je t’aime 2011 Red Blend

Westover Je t'aime 2011Purchased from Westover Vineyards, around $20

Aaron:  This was one of our favorite wines from the tasting room and while not bad, it’s not as good as I remember.  A slightly muddied leaf smell was disappointing and off-putting.  The vanilla-prominent flavor was enjoyable while some good berries and bold tannins added body without making this chalky.  89 Points

Teri: Aaron and I discovered Westover during a car ride through the Palomares hills. They are a friendly small family owned and operated winery who still makes a plethora of varietals and ports! Their Je t’aime is a beautiful red blend of Cab Sav, Merlot, and 12% Cab Franc to give it just a bit of a boost. I love the flavors of raspberry, strawberry, and spicy cherry with the medium finish and noticeable but smooth tannins. It is an all around great wine to pair with a meal that would please many taste buds. We have shared this wine with many friends and family members who have all given us rave reviews.  90 points


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