Matchbook Chardonnay Musque 2012

Chardonnay Musque by MatchbookReceived from the Wine of the Month Club, $15.98

Overview from the Crew Wine Company, $15.99

Aaron:  Lots of white cherry and peach on the nose with some mild olive oil.  This was a bit musky and tart with some noticeable blueberry.  Some oak and “standard” flavors make this mild and not overwhelming.  This is easy drinking and an 88 for me, 90 if you like lighter chards.

Teri: As a unique cloned grape, this wine had a different flavor than any other bottle I have tasted. Bright and heavily full of acidity but still carrying some fruity characteristics. Although the smell was of buttery peach, the taste itself was of peach, lemon, and oak; the latter which overpowered most of the bottle. Unique, but not a favorite for me. 86 points


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