Cameron Hughes Lot 477 2012

Cameron Hughes Lot 477 2012Purchased from World Market, $12.99

Aaron:  To Teri’s point, this was a bit disappointing for something which seems to be so special.  Vines and tight berries made the nostrils want to snarl a bit while a pepper-coated chocolate flavor makes me wish I had a different glass in hand.  84 points

Teri: I had very high expectations for this bottle, and it didn’t meet any of them. Other than the strong cherry and raspberry flavors with forceful oak on the finish, I didn’t have any of the other characteristics I love from the Zinfandel, Syrah, and Petite Syrah varietals. Even after breathing for a while the flavors still tasted tight and tasted too heavy of pepper. Alright, but not at all what I expected from Cameron Hughes and these classic full bodied varietals. 86 points


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