Murphy-Goode Chardonnay 2012

Murphy-Goode Chardonnay 2012Purchased from Safeway, $19.99 Retail (8.99 sale)

Murphy-Goode Website, $14

BevMo, $12.99

Total Wine & More, $11.49

Aaron:  A nutty melon smell was complemented by a slightly tart peach.  Lighter berries and a hint of lemon make this complex but refreshing.  It was pretty light for a chard but still enjoyable.  89 points

Teri: I enjoyed the lemon buttery/butterscotch smell of this Chard. A ‘buttery’ chard overall, it still maintained a lighter body with flavors of tangerine, green apple, and nectarine wrapped back up in a buttery finish. The long finish lingers with just a small hint of oak. This is a great general chardonnay to bring as a host gift, dinner party, or your classic evening in.  90 points


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