Pacific Rim Resiling 2012

Pacific Rim ResilingBevMo, $9.99

Total Wine & More, $9.49

Aaron:  This was part of a set of wines sent to us by Pacific Rim and I’m honestly pretty impressed.  This is a little sweet for my palate but our guests loved it!  It’s a great intro wine or pairing for those who want to drink wine with the “adults” without suffering through oaky tannins.  Mandarin orange and lots of sweet honey make up the bulk of this wine with pineapple splattered across the palate.  This is super tasty but pretty sweet (and this isn’t even the “Sweet” Reisling!). 90 points (for drinkability and mass appeal)

Teri: A subtle sweet smell of pineapple and tropical fruits pair well with the light flavors of pineapples and gala apples on the taste of the wine. The finish is short and light with a slight crispness to it. This would be great with sweet desserts and warm bread pineapple puddings. 88 points


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