Clos du Bois Chardonnay 2012 North Coast

Clos du Bois 2012Purchased from Safeway around $7

Also available at BevMo, $8.99

Total Wine & More, $6.97


Aaron:  This is a pretty standard brand and the bottle was nothing to write home about, but good enough to pick up in a pinch.  The oaky, almond-butter nose is reminiscent of traditional chards and the nutty, flavor was slightly sweet but slightly bitter.  Some light fruits, specifically lemon-coated cantaloupe make this very drinkable with only a slight, appropriate bite.  89 points

Teri: Nothing stands out with the smell, but a beautiful buttery orange flavor within the wine with oak that lingers on the mouth. Medium body but full of flavor. This white would hold up to hearty meals and creamy soups. I love the undertone of orange throughout. 90 points for great flavor at a great price.


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