Palomares Vineyard Pomegranate Cuvee

Palomares Vinyards PomegranateNow Closed, this bottle was purchased from a small winery in the east bay area of California: Westover Vineyards 

Aaron:  Strawberry, sweet nose with a fruity, medicinal taste.  I liked this much much better the second day and wasn’t a fan after it opened.  I felt there was more cherry than pomegranate and this wasn’t my favorite.  83 points

Teri: Basic flavored sparkling wine. The pomegranate flavor gives the wine a smell of cherry with pomegranate and a grenadine style taste. The bottle is heavy on the pomegranate flavor and would be well liked for those who like sweeter wines. Easy to drink if you like sweet but not much else to it. 85 points


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