Robert Craig Affinity 2010

Robert Craig 2010 AffinityRobert Craig Tasting Notes 

Total Wine & More, $48.99

Aaron: This scores differently for the nose and flavor. A dark, rich, and intense nose with rivers of strawberry, vanilla and a hint of oak.  The flavor is bold and oak-heavy from the start – clearly a Napa cab.  Good tannins provide body without being chalky.  There are identifiable leaves behind the prominent mixed berries but certainly wood-forward.  93 for the nose, 90 for flavor

Teri: The nose and taste on this bottle was filled with both oak and chocolate covered cherries. An abundance of cherry on the taste with a further hint of leather and smooth smokey raspberries on the finish. The long lingering flavors after the swallow contain quite noticeable but smooth enough tannins. This wine is a classic napa fruity cab sav and would hold up to large meals. It could be enjoyed alone, but I personally think this wine is better with food. 90 points for complexity but would be enjoyed most by avid wine drinkers or those who love the bold fruit forward napa reds.



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