Carmine de Monicord 2011 Bordeaux Superieur

Carmine de Monicord 2011Wine of the Month Club, $15.98

Aaron: This has a great nose!  Plum and rich green leaves with a good, barky oak but not too strong.  The tannins are a little strong on the onset – I prefer them more towards the back.  I noticed predominant flavors of saffron and allspice with some muddled berries and dried tobacco leaves.  My primary complaint though is this is too watery on the end.  87 points

Teri: This blend has a spicy earthy nose and what I would call a backwards drinking red: with spice and earthy flavors first followed by a slight sweetness and fruit at the end (red apple and berries). The smell is quite different from the taste, so don’t let it fool you. Just a unique blend with fruit, earthy flavors like clove, and some leather. A few points for its uniqueness but it would take a particular person and an avid wine lover to enjoy this glass. Not for “non wine” drinkers. 88 points



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