Moselland Rheinhessen Riesling (Cat Bottle Riesling) 2012

Cat RieslingMoselland Website

Available at Cost Plus World Market

Aaron: So this admittedly was bought as a novelty gift for Teri, just for fun; it turned out not to be pretty decent.  Pineapple was prevalent on the nose and it was pretty sweet and tropical.  Tons of pineapple and a little bit of sweet gala apple rolled through the grass with cantaloupe.  Nothing but sweet fruits in this.  87 points for complexity, 91 for drinkability. 

Teri: Not the best wine in the world, but easy to drink and, of course, it makes a great presentation (but don’t be fooled…it’s only a 500ml bottle). The riesling has a semi-sweet peach nose and a nice light flavor of red apple and peach. Sweeter and light in flavor rather than dry with a short light finish makes it easily enjoyable for many. 86 points 


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