The Prisoner Blindfold White Wine 2012

The Prisoner Blindfold White WineTotal Wine & More, $29.99

The Prisoner Wine Company Website

Aaron:  Our friend Bill has some great taste in wine.  I really liked the heavy honey and pine cones coupled with some prominent oak on the nose.  The flavor was rich and buttery and generally fantastic!  This was a very pleasing white and one of my new favorites.  Creamy, thick flavors of honey-coated green tea are marvelous and make for a complex, full mouthfeel.  Nice to drink alone or with food.  92 points

Teri: Lemon and floral nose in the glass, with flavors of honeysuckle, lemongrass, and slight stone fruit flavors. Not very buttery but fruity with mineral tones of metallic zinc and oak. Full of flavor with a beautiful long finish. Great for a white blend which can often have muddled flavors, but this one is full clear and distinctive. 91 points 


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