Wiens Family Cellars Red Crowded 2012

Wiens Red Crowded 2012Wiens Family Cellars Website

Around $25/bottle when in season

Aaron:  This had a pretty full nose and was honestly much better than I remembered.  Raspberry vinagarette and toast sparked the nostrils while some mild sweetness from very juicy fruit danced on the tongue.  This really wasn’t what I was used to from Weins; there was still a bit of sand but much more subdued than a year ago.  Strawberry overpowers the flavor with some limited oak.  90 points

Teri: Apart from the beautiful artist series label, the wine within this bottle is just as beautifully crafted. Don’t let the standard nose fool you, this wine is full of plum and fruit forward flavors with structural but slight undertones of oak. The medium smooth finish with noticeable tannins gives is beautiful structure where it can be enjoyed alone or along side a meal. 90 points 


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