Chocolate Shop Strawberry Wine NV

Chocolate Shop Chocolate Strawberry Red WineTotal Wine & More (Regular Chocolate Shop Wine), $7.99

BevMo (Regular Chocolate Shop Wine), $8.99

Purchased from Cost Plus World Market, $9.99

Aaron: Wow…strawberry…and ummmm….chocolate.  Seriously, nothing much except tons of strawberry.  Not really “Rateable” but i’ll give it an 82.

Teri: Four words describe this wine: scratch and sniff sticker. The taste…the smell…reminds me of classic chocolate covered strawberry scratch and sniff stickers. It is a great novelty type of wine for a gift, or girls night but its hard to compare with any other type of wine to give it a rating. 80 points as a wine, but more points as a fun novelty gift for those in your life who love chocolate!


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