Dante Robino Malbec 2012

Dante Robino Malbec 2012Dante Robino Website, about $11/bottle

Aaron:  This was a really nice Malbec with a rounded nose.  The rich, sherry-oak and fresh tobacco was complemented by a bit of blackberry on the nose.  The flavor was not too intense but medium full bodied with a bit of pepper.  Some cherry finished everything off and this certainly opens up a bit.  89 points – just opened, 91 after sitting.

Teri: This Argentinean Malbec has a dark ruby color to pair with its dark cherry oaky nose. Supple and smooth tannins create a great mouth feel with a beautiful finish with a kick of sweet pepper. I enjoy the classic woodsy oak flavors throughout with some dark berry flavors in the finish. Extremely drinkable while still being quite a full bodied wine. 90 points 


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