River Road Chardonnay 2012

River Road ChardonnayTotal Wine & More, $13.99

River Road Website, $15.99

Aaron:  This was the first of a string of good value finds in my opinion though admittedly I liked it more than Teri.  Lots of oaky butter crowded the nose, pushing aside mild vanilla.  The flavor was full and definitely my kind of white – not “in your face”, but not watered down.  No flavor seemed overly prominent to me and there velvety finish was bite free.  The creaminess wins my vote (at least I’m consistent) and I like it for easy drinking and easy pairing.  92 points

Teri: This chardonnay contains lemon citrus flavors in both the smell the the body of the wine. I tasted a great deal of lemon with a nutty (walnut) and vanilla flavor in the bold drinkability and prominent finish. The ending characteristics included further oaky vanilla, and slight buttery flavors. With its strong acidity and long lingering flavors after the swallow, this bottle was enjoyable and worth trying. 88 points 


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