Cordi Primitivo 2010

Cordi Primitivo 2010

Cordi Wintery Home, $34

Aaron:  This bottle gets uniqueness points.  There was a sharp and almost thin smell but it was powerfully dusty.  The flavor was odd with mushroom and bits of cherry cough syrup (which actually was better than it sounds and was different in a good way).  The berry flavors weren’t traditional berries like Napa wines, but decently smooth and definitely not mainstream.  Interesting to try from a region with very little wine recognition.  89 points for uniqueness

Teri: This bottle was giving to us from my cousin and his wife to also enjoy great wines. They currently reside in Yuba City, outside of Sacramento –an area where a the small winery Cordi is located. I absolutely loved the nose on this wine, containing beautiful dark fruits and oak. Heavy flavors of vanilla cherry and coco spice traveled through the long and full bodied flavor. I was first skeptical with a strong oak taste first, but then the flavors suddenly change into nutmeg, rhubarb, and vanilla. I classify this wine as strong but sensual. Great pick Troy and Mandy! Thanks for sharing with us!  91 points 


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