Four Winds Cellars Reserve Chardonnay 2011

Four Winds Cellars Reserve Chardonnay 2001

Purchased from the tasting room, $25

Four Winds Cellars Website

Aaron:  This was AWESOME!  I’d definitely recommend going to the vineyard to pick up a bottle.  The nose was nothing to write home about, just some nuts and oak, but the flavor is to die for.  Lots of creamy honey and a very full chardonnay.  The aftertaste highlights a lemony finish but the whole thing is rich, buttery, and just plain wonderful.  93 points

Teri: Although this winery is located in the Northern California mountains off highway 4, this reserve chardonnay was created with grapes purchased from the napa valley..and you can tell! I LOVE this wine and wish we had purchased more. It’s semi-metallic and buttery nose opens up to a beautiful taste of smooth stone fruits with a hint of background oak and intense creamy butter. The finish is medium to long but the taste is amazing. This wine is great to enjoy by itself or with a special meal. 95 points 


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