Pio Cesare 2009

Pio Cesare Barolo 2009Total Wine & More, 54.97

Pio Cesare Website

Aaron: We were really excited for this bottle (and that was before we even saw the price tag!).  As soon as we noticed the bleeding on the cork we were a bit concerned and it looks like the bottle had gotten pretty oxidized.  Good lesson which we didn’t abide by: take back a bottle if it doesn’t look good.  Most wine retailers are very good about replacing a bottle if it’s clearly gone bad without any hassle.  Overall, I could tell this would probably be exciting, but sadly can’t rate it.

Teri: This Italian red carried the classic spicy and earthy tones known to northern Italian reds. With a background of oak and cherry, I tasted spice from sip to swallow and heavy mineral flavors. The tannins were noticeable and slightly chewy (which surprised me for a 2009 bottle). Perhaps a little longer in the bottle would do well for this wine. I also noticed that our bottle had some spilling around the wrapper and cork which could have effected its flavors. Overall not a great bottle. No rating.


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