Trumpeter Torrontes 2011 White Wine

Trumpeter Torrontes 2011 WhiteWine of the Month Bottle, $6.99 reorder price 

Aaron:  This is a great value wine and a perfect example of a “hidden gem”.  As we’ve grown in our tasting we’ve come to discover many wines under $10 can actually be a little dicey, but every once in a while we find a good one and try to promote it for you.  This white has an olive branch nose which dissipates into sweet mandarin orange with some bitter floral aftertaste.  This was pretty good and a bit unique; between a chard and a sav blanc to my palate with some smooth, crisp variety of flavors.  89 for taste 90 for value.

Teri: We haven’t tasted many white wines from Argentina and were excited to see what this one held for us. I was blown away by the beautiful peach smell and flavors of peach, kiwi, and remote citrus paired with sweet vanilla and orange blossom. This was full and flavorful while still being smooth and easy to drink. Great unexpected flavors from Argentina! 92 points


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