Poema White Wine Macabeu – Muscat 2013

Poema White WinePoema Website, a brand of Kobrand

Wine of the Month Club, November 2014, $19

Aaron:  This wasn’t really my favorite; pretty light and a bit too watery.  The nose was nothing to write home about and this certainly isn’t sweet compared to what I was expecting.  Most flavors were simply grassy with a little bit of tart fruits on the palate.  What turned me off the most was how quickly the flavor dissipated.  85 points

Teri: From the nose of this wine, I thought the taste would be sweeter: stone fruits and hibiscus. The taste is lengthy but dry overall. I taste lemongrass and red apple in the flavor with nice acidity to balance the wine overall. It is refreshing and tasty but not too complex. 88 points 


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