Mission Sud Cabernet-Syrah 2013

Mission Sud Cabernet-SyrahAverage price, $15 

Wine of the Month Club, November 2014, $22

Aaron:  I enjoyed this fruity, dark nose with some hints of leather.  The flavor was smooth and void of any bite, just like the berry-cherry flavor lacked any noticeable spice.  I felt this was pleasant and easy drinking and would highly recommend it.  92 points

Teri: Wine searcher classifies this wine as one of “the highest-priced wines from IGP Pays d’Oc“, a wine classification in France that is a step above a standard table wine. I agree that this Syrah-Cab blend carries the rich fullness of the syrah grape balanced with a smoother cabernet style. Sweet red cherry on the nose is balanced with a full bodied wine with flavors of vanilla, oak, and spicy raspberry. Nothing too extraordinary, but a good quality red blend. 88 points 


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