Artesa Chardonnay 2012 Carneros

Artesa ChardonnayTotal Wine & More, $15.99

BevMo, $17.99

Artesa Website

Aaron:  Artesa continues to win points on our blog.  This Chard features oak, oak, and more oak with olive leaves and green olives.  It was pretty full and slightly bitter at first but DON’T get discouraged – after opening up it’s magnificent with a bold richness hidden beneath a long lasting flavor.  This is super smooth and creamy, leaving you wanting more.  For a reasonably priced bottle I’d keep one or two on hand.  92 points

Teri: Artesa has been one of my favorite wineries since our first visit to their vineyards about 3 years ago. Aside from a beautiful tasting room atop a hill overlooking beautiful views of their vineyards, a multitude of the wines they craft match the elegance in flavor and beauty. Although this Chardonnay is one of their larger produced products, it remains full, flavorful, and refreshing. Metallic almond and green apple scents on the nose open to beautiful flavors of white peach, orange blossom and vanilla with just a hint of lemon on the finish. Slow legs are left on the glass after a swirl indicating its full flavor and long finish. You can find this bottle at most retailers who have an expansive wine selection and I highly recommend trying it at some point in your life. 90 points 


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