Bridlewood Cabernet 2012

Bridlewood Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles

Purchased from Safeway (around $12) and available from most wine retailers.

Bridlewood Winery Webpage

Total Wine & More, $12.99

Aaron:  This had a dry rocky smell of sandstone and bark however the flavor is much more full.  I enjoyed the contract of richness coupled with a semi-rough spark at the end.  It’s fruitier than the nose implies and has a good bottle; easy to keep on hand and serve with a full meal.  88 points

Teri: The nose on this wine isn’t very dramatic, I could only pick up some faint bing cherry but the taste in the wine is full with a long finish. Noticeable oak from start to finish, I also taste raspberry and mulberry with a hint of black pepper. A bit too oaky for my personal taste buds, but the wine has decent complexity and flavors. It is bold enough to stand up to full hearty meals and smooth to pair with a variety of dishes. 88 points 


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