Kimmel Four Blocks Collection Chardonnay 2012

Kimmel Four Blocks 2012 ChardonnayWine of the Month Club, January 2015, $20 Kimmel Vineyards Website, $19

Aaron: There were tons of fruit and kiwi on this tropical chard.  Melon and pineapple on the nose make it much brighter than I would expect while some crisp apples and peach were a bit tart.  The flavor is very different than the nose (though I like the nose more) and features more stones and bitter, tiny thorns.  88 points

Teri: I normally love unoaked chardonnays, but this one just didn’t sit right with me. I agree with Aaron, the smell is delightful (tropical fruits and pineapple) but the taste just didn’t follow. Overall the flavor is light, acidic, and crisp but has a tart and slightly bitter undertone. Hints of lemon mixed with some green apple and a hint of peach is refreshing but with a slight pucker. 87 points from me. The tannins and the tartness aren’t quite right for a higher rating on this one.


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