Louis M Martini Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Louis M Martini 2012 Cab Sav

Louis M. Martini Website

Total Wine & More, $13.49

BevMo, $15.99

Aaron:  Smokey prunes and cherry on the nose with a nice chocolate flavor.  Some subtle vanilla and hints of berries consolidated on the palate into a semi-ripe dark fruit basket.  Good tannins and a nice body round out this full cab without making it overbearing.  This is drinkable but complex enough for a wide variety of drinkers.  92 points.

Teri: If you are searching for a wine that is easy to find and good quality for the price, this is a great “go-to.” With a nose of dark fruits, this wine is full and structured with a nice round mouth flavor with strong but smooth tannins. I had a difficult time picking out one distinct flavor (mostly leathery pepper with dark black cherry), but full and flavorful nonetheless. A slight “greenish” to the finish but a strong contender for an everyday drinking wine that will also stand up to hearty means and strong flavored cheeses. 90 points  for affordability and flavor.


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