Chateau de Brandey Bordeaux 2012

Chateau BordeauxPurchased from BevMo, $19.95

Aaron:  Oh my gosh: chocolate smell.  Almonds and just tons and tons of chocolate on the nose.  The flavor unfortunately was very dry and bitter.  More bark than fruit (though some raspberry in the background) lost a lot of points on this one.  86 points. 

Teri: My favorite part of this wine was the strawberry jam flavors on the finish, although overall the flavor tasted “cold”–perhaps due to the cooler climate of the region of the growing area for the wine. The color was a surprisingly dark purple color that looked a bit like plum/prune juice. The overall flavors carried spice, at first, then moves into leather and finally the raspberry/strawberry jam. Overall, light in density but still has some good flavors. 88 points 


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