Westover Vineyards California Champagne NV

Westover Champagne NVPurchased from the tasting room at Westover

Aaron:  This bottle exploded right after the came off – these bottles are just under a lot of stress with Westover closing :).  The smell was a bit too sharp and metallic for me with some peach.  The sweet but dry, dull fruit flavors of cantaloupe and melon were a bit unexpected.  I like sparklings (a lot) but this isn’t my favorite lately.  85 points.

Teri: Aaron and I seem to differ greatly on this one. The nose has an abundance of strong fruit flavors for a champagne with just a hint of peach. The crisp bubbles followed by strong bold flavors of gala apples, peach, and apricot linger on your palate as the finish settles. A quality flavor and bubble balance. This would be perfect for a elegant night in/out or enjoy for any small or large celebration. 93 points 


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