Ruby Hill Chardonnay 2012

Ruby Hill Chardonnay 2012Purchased from the tasting room, $23

Aaron:  The lemon-lime, citrus nose bled into a rich flavor that was buttery, creamy and full.  Fruit flavors were minimal and overpowered by almond nuttiness.  This very good wine was from one of the worst wineries I’ve ever been to.  Read our post about how great our tasting at Golden Eye winery was, then take the total reverse; that’s Ruby Hill.  90 points (wine rating should still be unbiased).

Teri: Yes, as Aaron has stated above…we purchased the wine for its quality even though the experience we had at the tasting room was almost worth just walking away. If you keep your expectations low on customer service, you can head to Ruby Hill and enjoy your visit…or else just order online. The poor tasting room experience aside, I loved the toasted almond nose and smooth tannins, wrapped up in continual flavors of butter and nuttiness on the taste. The slight hint of peach on the finish rounds out the complete flavor profile for this beautifully crafted and full Chardonnay. 92 points 


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