Crusted Pie Pinot Noir 2012

Crusted Pie Pinot Noir 2012Sent from Wine of the Month after we didn’t like our last bottle.

Aaron:  Wine of the month gets major props, not only for making up for sending a bad bottle but for sending a great one to replace it!  This pinot had a perfect balance of oak and berries on the nose with noticeably red and black berries.  The best part is a perfect mouthfeel and great body for a pinot.  This was full but not overwhelming with a little bite of pepper but nothing uncomfortable.  92 points.

Teri: I smell spicy red berries on the nose (quite different for a pinot noir) but the flavor was spot on: red raspberry and strawberry busting from the seams! Just a hint of spice throughout, enough to just add complexity but not take away from those wonderful fruit flavors. A nice long and structure finish makes way to a slight leafy aftertaste, not quite my favorite but not enough to mask the beautiful flavors of the wine itself. Very easy to drink and would make a great gift for a wine lover or novelty for someone who loves baked good. 90 points