Edmeades Gewurstraminer 2013

Edmeades Gewurstraminer 2013Purchased from the winery in Anderson Valley, $26

Aaron:  Nice and fruity white peach and syrup smell.  the flavor is much dryer than the nose and very crisp.  Lots of green apples are nowhere near as sweet as the smell implies.  The body is light with decent, though slightly tart flavor of lemon at the end.  90 points.

Teri: I have always been a huge fan of the Gewurztraminer grape and Edmeades does a good job at creating a wine worthy of its characteristics. The smell brings about memories of canned peaches in light syrup. Within the wine’s flavors, I tasted dry green apple and mandarin oranges with a distant hint of lemon. The wine is on the dry side with flavors that linger, but not for too long. I would have this wine as a great summer pick for hanging around outside or packed with your favorite book and a picnic blanket. 89 points 


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